Privacy Policy

The sample language contains basic information about personal data that your store may collect, store, and share, as well as who may access the data. The specific information shared by your store will vary depending on the settings you have enabled and the add-ons you use. We recommend that you consult a lawyer to decide what information to disclose in your privacy policy.

We collect your information during the checkout process in our store.

What are we collecting and storing?
When you visit our website, we will track:

Products you have already viewed: For example, we will use it to display the products you have seen recently.
Location, IP address and browser type: We will use it to estimate taxes and shipping.
Shipping address: We will ask you to enter this so that we can, for example, estimate the shipment before you place your order and send the order to you!
When you browse our website, we also use cookies to track the contents of the shopping cart.

Note: You may want to elaborate on your cookie policy and link to it from here.

When you purchase from us, we will ask for information including your name, billing address, shipping address, email address, phone number, credit card/payment details and optional account information such as username and password. We will use this information for purposes such as:

Send your account and order information
Respond to your request, including refunds and complaints
Handling payments and preventing fraud
Create your account in our store
Comply with any legal obligations we are subject to, such as calculating taxes.
Improve our store supply
If you choose to receive marketing messages, please send them to you.
If you create an account, we will store your name, address, email and phone number, which will be automatically populated for you at the checkout.

When we need this information for the purpose of collecting and using this information, we usually store information about you, and we do not need to keep it in accordance with laws and regulations. For example, we store order information for XXX years for tax and accounting purposes. This includes your name, email address, and billing address and shipping address.

We will also store comments or comments.

Who can visit in our team?
Our team members have access to the information you provide to us. For example, both administrators and store administrators can access:

Order information, such as the product purchased, the time of purchase, the shipping address, and
Customer information such as your name, email address, and billing and shipping information.
Our team members have access to this information to help complete orders, process refunds, and support you.

What we share with others
In this section, you should list who you share your data with and for what purpose. This may include, but is not limited to, analytics, marketing, payment gateways, distribution service providers, and third-party embedded services.

We share information with third parties who help us provide you with order and store services, such as:

In this section, you should list the third-party payment service providers that you use when you collect money at the store, as these payment service providers may process customer data. We use PayPal as an example, but if you don’t use PayPal, you should remove it.

We accept payment via PayPal. When processing a payment, some of your data will be passed to PayPal, including the information needed to process or support the payment, such as purchase totals and billing information.

Please check PayPal’s privacy policy for more information.